About Us

max was founded on June 21st, 2020, in Colorado Springs, with the modest goal of providing quality resources and services with comprehensive design. max has grown from a single page to a full-scale repository that is still growing. Our goal is to reach every student taking difficult classes and give them a helping hand so they can succeed.

There are two parts to max: The max Class, our free resource repository, and max Services, which provides students with free tutoring and paid essay editing. max's intention isn't to make a profit. Instead, all of our profits either go to pay our tutors to help them save for college or to power our site. We are here to break the socioeconomic barriers in education; therefore, we can offer all our services for free to those who are unable to pay. max is here to help! Don't be afraid to reach out and get help.

The Team

Kalyan Karamsetty
Founder/Web Developer
Hi! My name is Kalyan Karamsetty and I am currently a senior at Discovery Canyon Campus in southern Colorado. I founded The max Class in the summer of 2020 to deepen my understanding of web design and to help my peers.
Elia Muncey
Chief Marketing Officer
Hi, I’m Elia! I’m a senior in high school and I’ve always been passionate about english, writing poems or essays whenever creativity strikes me. I love to read and find others that feel the same inspiration from writing that I do.
Arthur Knize
Main Content Curator
Hi, my name is Arthur! I have tutored math in the past, and I enjoy making it a less stressful subject. I will also help create chemistry and math content for the site. I hope to make lessons clear, well-written, and focused on helping you as much as possible.
Soumya Devulapalli
Social Media Manager
Hi, my name is Soumya Devulapalli, and I am a sophomore in high school this year. I really love math but also love to help people; therefore, I cannot wait to be able to assist you with these subjects!
Callie Blaseg
Poster Designer
Hi, my name is Callie! I am a senior in high school. I am also a full IB student who has tons of experience with IA’s, EE’s, TOK essays and presentations, and everything else IB related. I have scored well on my IB exams, and I hope I can help!

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